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What is Flower Source Direct?

With Flower Source Direct you can buy your flowers 24/7/365 online from one portal with competitive prices (up to 25% cheaper). It’s Easy! Use your computer or download our app to your phone. Choose a date when you need product in your door then look at the availability. You are able to refine your search and filter by flower, vendor, color, length etc. You will receive guaranteed fresh flowers as you purchase directly - via Springfield Florists Supply Inc. - from farm inventories all over the world: USA, Canada, South America, Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, Latin America etc.

Springfield Florists Supply brings you in contact with Farms & importers. SFS is taking care of the cold chain transport and will drop the shipment directly into your store. Therefore you find incredible competitive prices and large selection of products. Due to the fresh picking and the guaranteed cold chain, your flowers will be of superior quality.

Our tip: order a smaller pack from the farm and purchase twice a week to maintain a fresh inventory. There is no extra cost involved for this way of buying.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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What is SFS Web Shop?

Inventory listed on the SFS Web Shop are products that are currently in stock at SFS and available for next day delivery. Use the SFS Web Shop if you are looking for delivery of fresh or supplies within the next 4 days. Inventory on the Web is updated at least once daily as products are received, with the largest selection being on Sunday mornings after the arrival of California & South American shipments. Please know that all orders are pulled & reviewed by a SFS sales associate to ensure that product is of good quality, pricing is correct & any discounts are applied.

For more information, please see about SFS Web Shop.

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